PHP Questions to Learn & Excel In Your Next Interviews

—   Aryan K on Dec 06, 2021
Last Modified : Apr 20, 2024

PHP is the most popular programming language that powers millions of dynamic websites on the web. From e-commerce giants to social networks, media and news to content management systems like Wordpress, and so much more.

PHP in itself is a large ecosystem, there are numerous open-source projects, tools and tutorials on the web. It also has the bigget community support and a library of resources. This huge ecosystem has a constant demand for PHP Developers.

There are large numbers of jobs for PHP develoeprs, available all around the globe, throughout the year thus making it a language of preference for aspiring Web developers. Now, this post contains latest PHP interview questions with complete answers and explanations intended to help you excel in your next PHP job interview.

The questions are well organized in sections and lessons, so that you learn things gradually step by step and not randomly. These questions are from real interviews and you'll find not just straight answers to them but also creative ways to answer them.

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