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Ignite a world of possibilities with metabust It's really a tough job to find a right inspiration, right guidance and right tools at the same time. The reason is the IT world has been progressing rapidly and keeping up with the future requires lots of effort and time. Our aim is to reduce this effort.

Who we are

We are a team of creative people, from variying experience in IT. This platform is a place for our thoughts, ideas, experience and stories. We are always available to meet or talk to new people around. Just throw an email here.

About metabust

metabust is a simple blog site that focuses on software development, tools, architectural patterns, and must know kind of stuff.

We offer anyone the ability to write a post publish it and maintain it. You just need to sign up and have an account.

Our aim

Our aim is to reduce your effort making a change be it updating your knowledge or your skills. We guide you though every step, like a self improvement course.

Our posts are well categorized for stuffs like that, we review and update every post time to time. This way our content never gets old.

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