Top 10 Powerful Firefox Plugins for Power Users

1. Firefox Multi-Account Containers

The firefox multi account containers is a powerful extension that separates user sessions into mutliple containers. That way you are able to use more than one account at a time for a same web application.

You can add or remove as many containers as you want and can rename them if needed and you can also set websites to automatically open in a predefined containers. This is a very useful firefox extension developed by mozilla itself. 

2. Facebook Container

A similar to the containers extension above specifically for facebook as the name suggests. It separates facebook sessions into its own session container that prevents facebook from tracking user activities. This extension is also developed by mozilla itself and is really useful incase you want more control over your activities. 

3. Authenticator

The authenticator is another useful extension that helps you store and generate your Multi Factor Authentication codes right from your web browser. You can easily scan a QR Code from a webpage and it automatically gets added to the plugin interface which you can then use whenever needed.

Comes with backup features, which allows you to backup all the authenticator codes which you can then use later. 

4. Enhancer for youtube

If you need more control over your youtube experience then this extension is a best suit for you. One of the popular extensions on the firefox store. It has all the features you would ever need. There are thousands of settings you can change and customize your experience.

Some of the best features…

  • You can set your preffered video quality
  • It pins the video player in a popup box when you scroll down
  • You can remove ads or set it to autmatically remove ads
  • Disable preloading of videos
  • You can short comments
  • Automatically enable theatre mode
  • Automatically exapand video descriptions

5. HTTPS Everywhere

This is a simple plugin which when installed automatically enables https on supported sites and secures your browser’s communication with the web server. 

6. Language Tool

The Language tool helps you write correctly, it just replaces the browser default Spelling & Grammar checker with a new modern, sleek and powerful tool that can understand you senetences as and when you type. Just a wonderful tool. It pops up when finds any mistakes in your words or senetences and suggests corrections in real time. 

7. Google Translator

The Google Translator extension helps you translate words or sentences on the fly without having to switch your tabs. This is fast and handy tool, select a word and it translates it for you. 

8. Cookies auto delete

This extension lets you setup custom timeout for your browser cookies which then automaticlly expires when not in use. It has many other features which can be found on the firefox add-ons store. 

9. Download all Images

This extension helps you discover and download images from a website . You set various filters like size, dimension, image file type, url, nested links level and more. It then automatically captures images based on your filters and downloads them at once. 

10. Evernote Web Clipper

The evernote web clipper lets you capture any part of a web page or the full page which you can later access it through your browser your smartphone or your pc. Comes with lot of features like annotations and more. 


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