10 Brain Training Apps to Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

—   Aryan K on Jan 20, 2022
Last Modified : Feb 22, 2024

The android space is filled with a great number of apps and games. I am not talking about those popular addictive games but the ones that will boost your overall brain cognitive abilities and enhance learning.

Whether you're an adult or just a kid. These apps will help you train your brain in a variety of recommended scientific ways. Some of these apps have analytics in place to let you understand your negatives and positives in a better way.

These apps and games generally get lost in the crowd and become invisible to most people. In this post, I have pulled some of them out for you and compiled them in a list below with their good qualities. I would highly recommend you try them out, the link is also included below. Some of the games below have premium plans.

Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity is a very popular and scientific brain training program. The app has more than 50 training minigames that focus on different brain areas and abilities. The training includes memory tests, problem-solving, maths, attention, vocabulary, etc. The app has daily training sessions and requires you to complete specific training exercises every day prepared based on your past performances.

The app tracks your improvements in detail as you train and displays them in a beautiful chart for you to gain some insight into your performance. The app is very well crafted with a simple and beautiful user interface. The app offers a premium version with more games and features.

  • Developers: Lumo Labs, Inc.
  • Downloads: 10 Million +
  • Free to use (paid premium version)
  • In-app purchases

Peak – Brain Games & Training

Peak is another popular brain training app on the list with unique brain-stimulating training sets and programs. The app has been designed with guidance from experts and offers a wide range of targeted exercises to develop skills like memory, language, critical thinking, etc.. One of the remarkable features is that it compares your scores with similar users like you and displays where you stand relative to them.

This app also tracks your progress and offers you insight into your performance every day. Also, every next exercise is prepared after a thorough analysis of your past performance.

  • Developers: Peaklabs
  • Downloads: 10 Million +
  • Free to use (paid premium version)
  • In-app purchases

NeuroNation - Brain Training & Brain Games

Neuronation is another popular and personalized brain training app with many great features and exercises that will help make your brain more effective and efficient. The app focuses on improving core skills like thinking, memory, and attention, reasoning, speed. It has more than 25 minigames with nearly 250 levels. This app also tracks your progress over time and displays you the detailed progress analysis.

Once you run the app for the first time, it will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and prepare an exercise plan accordingly. You can also adjust your training frequency and intensity as per your needs. The app also has guides for better posture, sleep and other useful information.

  • Developers: Neuronation
  • Downloads: 10 Million +
  • Free to use (paid premium version)
  • In-app purchases

Memory Games: Brain Training

Memory Games: Brain Training is another powerful training app on the list with a number of simple and useful logic games. The app is ad-supported and has very many levels for the exercises. You unlock every next level with some threshold points you earn during a game. All the training is focused on core brain skills like IQ and memory.

Another unique feature it offers is that you can challenge your friends or any other random opponent in a training game online. The app has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it more appealing and enjoyable.

  • Developers: Maple Media
  • Downloads: 1Million +
  • Free to use ad-supported
  • Upgradeable to the premium version
  • In-app purchases

Brain Training

Brain Training is another popular brain exercise app on the list. It has around 15 special training games. All the games focus on different areas and functions of the brain for eg. Multitasking ability, Focus, Speed Operations, Concentration, Quick Decision, Word Memory, etc. The app has a very simple structure and a beautiful interface but there's no personalized training system.

The training games have many levels, which will unlock in steps when you reach the points threshold. Overall it's simple and user friendly.

  • Developers: App Holdings
  • Downloads: 10 Million +
  • Free to use
  • In-app purchases
  • Upgradeable to no-ad premium version with some more features

Brain Wars

Brain Wars is another app in the list very suitable for simple brain training exercises. This app is somewhat different from all the ones I discussed above as it lets you play those games online and compete with anyone around the world. All the games are very simple but when you compete, other people, it becomes very interesting. You can challenge anybody around the world in a one to one brain game and the app rewards you with a better world rank when you win.

The app is pretty neat and clear with lots of unique features built into it. You can make friends, send messages, compete with anyone, check country rank and do much more.

  • Developers: Translimit, Inc
  • Downloads: 10 Million +
  • Free to use
  • In-app purchases

Brain Games

Brain Games is another very useful training app with a great collection of many short games to exercise your brain. All these games have various levels with increasing complexity and fun. Exercises are well planned and creatively laid out and target all common brain functions.

The app is very smooth, lightweight and user-friendly with a beautiful and fancy interface.

  • Developers: Brain Trainer
  • Downloads: 1 Million +
  • Free to use
  • In-app purchases

Big Brain - Functional Brain Training

Big Brain is another app with a collection of mind-sharpening minigames for complete mental training. The app will help you improve your cognitive skills with powerful functional brain training facilities. It automatically measures your progress each day and displays you a detailed insight into your performance.

The app is very lightweight, simple and creative in design.

  • Developers: PocketLand
  • Downloads: 500,000+
  • Free to use
  • In-app purchases

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit helps you evaluate your brain by measuring 23 cognitive skills. There are numerous puzzle games, strategy games, reasoning and many others specifically designed to help you challenge and ultimately improve your brain. There are many validated psychometric tests to identify cognitive impairments or mental illness of any sort in this app.

The app records your performance during a week and uses that information to prepare the next level of training. This app has level-based exercises and thus is equally well suited for children as well

  • Developers: CogniFit, Inc.
  • Downloads: 100 Thousand+
  • Free to use (paid premium version)
  • In-app purchases

Elevate: Brain Training Games

Elevate is another complete brain training program with number of activities designed to improve attention, processing speed, language and math skills, etc.. It also has numerous minigames to help you train your brain. It offers a personalized set of training for users that adjusts itself over time.

Once you install and open this app, it will ask you questions to determine your skill levels and prepare your lessons accordingly. Lessons are very well planned and easy to follow.

  • Developers: Elevate Labs
  • Downloads: 10 Million +
  • Paid version
  • In-app purchases

Wrapping Up

There are many other brain training apps in the Google play store, I haven't mentioned in the post. This was just a list of 10 such apps and so I included the few I have been using myself. If you have any suggestions or improvements, kindly let me know in the comments below.

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