Top 10 Powerful Firefox Plugins for Power Users

—   Aryan K on Jan 18, 2022
Last Modified : Feb 22, 2024

Firefox is a very popular web browser right behind chrome, its plugins' repository is also huge with lots and lots of useful plugins to extend the browser capabilities. In this post, we'll look at some of extensions that will enhance your browser features and utlimately your productivity.

#1 The Firefox Multi-Account Containers

The firefox multi account containers is a super powerful extension that separates sessions into mutliple containers meaning, you can login onto the same website using different accounts, right at the same time! If you multiple facebook accounts or google or any other, you can use them all at once using this extension.

The extension does the magic by separating the sessions into containers, for eg. if you are already logged in into a website, you can switch the session by choosing a different container from the extension's interface and then login again to the same webapp. Also, you can create as many containers you want and I know that's awesome and you can't wait to try it.

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#2 Facebook Container

The Facebook Container is similar to the containers extension above but it specifically designed for facebook as the name says. It separates facebook sessions into its own dedicated session container which then prevents facebook from tracking your activities. This extension is also developed by mozilla itself and is really useful incase you want more control over your privacy.

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#3 Authenticator

The authenticator is another great extension that helps you scan and store your two factor authentication (2FA) QR Codes in the browser itself. The extension has the same functionality as the Google Authenticator but in the browser itself. You can generate your Multifactor authentication codes right from the browser itself, no more looking at the phone. Once you scan the QR code, the plugin starts displaying the resulting numbers required during authentication.

The extension also lets you export or restore a backup of all the codes as well, making it easier to store it somewhere safe. Overall, its a very useful app, especially now a days when you have so many accounts with multifactor authentication.

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#4 Enhancer for youtube

If you want more control over your Youtube's experience then this wonderful extension Enhancer for Youtube is all you need to have. It is one of the very popular extensions in the firefox store with all the big list of features you would ever need for tweaking youtube. There are numerous settings you can alter to enhance your browsing experience right from this plugin itself.

The plugin includes a lot of accessibility features for eg. you can set the preferred video quality, pin the video player in a popup, remove ads or set it to automatically remove ads, disable preloadig of video, sort comments and do numerous other stuffs. I suggest you check it out.

Enhancer for youtube

#5 HTTPS Everywhere

Security can sometimes be way to costly when comprimized and with that in mind the HTTPS Everywhere firefox extension helps you secure your browser's connection with a website you're browsing. It is a simple plugin which when installed automatically enables https:// protocol on all supported sites and secures your browser's communication with the web server. This prevents any leak of passwords or other confidential data.

HTTPS Everywhere

6 Language Tool

The Language tool is somewhat similar to the popular app Grammarly and help s you make your writing more compelling. It replaces the browser's default Spelling & Grammar checker with a new modern, sleek and powerful capabilities that can understand your senetences as and when you type. When the tool finds a mistake in your writing it alerts you through a popup and suggests the required corrections to be made in real time.

#7 Google Translator

The Google Translator extension helps you translate words or sentences on the fly without having to switch your tabs. Gone are those days of dictionaries, this fast and handy tool helps you learn meanings of unknown words in a matter of seconds. Just install the extension and click select a word you want to know the meaning of!

#8 Cookies auto delete

The Cookies Auto Delete extension lets you setup custom timeout for your browser cookies which then makes them automaticlly expire when not in use after certain period of time. The plugin is simple through has a few other features, read more about it in the store.

#9 Download all Images

Downlaod All Images helps you discover and download images from a websites. You can set various filters like size, dimensions, image file types, URLs, nested links level and more. It then automatically captures images based on your filters and downloads them at once.

Download all images

#10 Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote web clipper lets you capture any part of a web page or the full page altogether which you can later access, through your browser on your smartphone or your pc itself. Comes with lot of features like annotations and more. 

In Conclusion

Firefox store is full with numerous other useful plugins which you can use to add extra features to your web browser. These were some of the common extensions I have been using them for a while now and so I hope you'll find useful as well. If you also similar such extensions to share, let us all know in the comments below.

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