Top 10 Reliable Ways to Make Money on Facebook

—   Aryan K on Jan 20, 2022
Last Modified : Apr 21, 2024

Facebook is a traffic gold mine with around two billion-plus active users a month. It is a resource for everyone who uses the internet and wants to be a part of it. If used creatively you can make a quality income from Facebook alone. There are so many powerful features built right into it that it makes it super easy to reach a large number of people in less time.

There are other varieties of content creation and sharing tools available on the platform itself that make it easier than ever to engage people with valuable content You need to spend some time learning about them comprehensively. There are millions of individuals and organizations that operate or extend their business over Facebook and make decent revenue from it.

It simply won't be smart to ignore the advantages Facebook has to offer and in this post, you'll explore some of the robust ways through which people make money on Facebook. All of the information I share will not pay you overnight, you need to work on them creatively with patience to reap the benefits. Please note that I assume you're well familiar with Facebook and know enough about what pages and groups are.

Direct Methods

These methods are officially available monetization options from Facebook.

1. In-Stream Video Ads

In-stream Video Ads is an official monetization option on Facebook pages using which you can monetize videos on your page by inserting ads within them. It is one of the most common ways content creators make money from. There are certain eligibility criteria and guidelines for pages to meet before you can apply for this option and once enabled, you will then be able to place 5-15 second targeted video ads in your videos and make earning based on click and views.

At the time of writing this post, Facebook requires your pages to have at least 10,000+ Followers before you can apply for in-stream video ads. You can learn more about it here.

2. Using Branded Content

If your Facebook page has a good enough number of followers minimum 1000), you can use Brand Collabs Manager to offer paid partnership to brands looking for your specific type of audience. You can promote their post, videos, and links to your audience in exchange for money.

Once you successfully enable this monetization option, you will then be able to connect with brands looking to promote their products or services and engage in paid partnerships using Brand Collabs Manager.

3. Fans Subscription

Fans subscription is another monetization option for Facebook pages. It allows your page audiences to support your page with monthly recurring payments. This strategy will only be successful if you produce content that your followers consider worth paying for, for eg. you can provide exclusive content for premium members or any other such benefits you can think of but that's easier said than done.

Fans Subscription is a very new monetization option, more details about it can be found here.

4. Selling products on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has a new marketplace where anyone with a profile can sell physical products directly to thousands of customers worldwide. There are no charges for listing products but there are certain rules to follow up. There are many categories where sellers can list their items in but there are restrictions on items such as Pets & Animals, Alcohols, Digital Media, Event Tickets, Gift Cards, Healthcare Items, Prescription drugs, Unsafe supplements, Weapons or explosives.

The marketplace can easily be integrated with various eCommerce platforms thus giving you the option to list items directly from those integrations. Find out more about how to sell items on the Marketplace.

5. Hosting Fundraiser

Facebook allows you to host fundraisers for Charitable organizations or Personal Causes. There are various fundraiser categories to publish fundraise requests. Once you create a fundraiser, you can invite people to donate for the cause. Also, Facebook does not charge any fees on donations made to non-profits.

Facebook keeps a record of each and every transaction made which you can see and download. The details of donors and other transaction reports are also available along with those details. Your cause must be convincing enough for people to actually pay you. Take a look at this article on Facebook to learn more about it.

6. Develop a Facebook app

Facebook has a monetization option for applications developed for the platform itself. Developers can sell premium apps or can charge recurring monthly payments for subscriptions. Game developers charge for virtual goods, points or other enhancements and make a decent regular income from it. Take a look at Instant Games In-App Purchases (IAP) guide for more information.

Also, if you develop apps for Android or IOs you can take a look at Facebook Audience Network to learn more about how to monetize your apps with Facebook ads.

Indirect Methods

These methods listed below are indirect ways to earn money from Facebook and require you to have large numbers of audiences for better results.

7. Drive traffic to websites

After search engines, social media is the biggest traffic source for websites. People who know the techniques have successfully been using social media platforms to drive millions of traffic to websites for free. Digital Marketers are people who are experts in these fields.

If you have a large fan following on your page or if you're an admin of a group with lots of members in it, you can easily promote your website or links there. You need to make sure you are promoting to the right type of audience who might be interested in your content so that you receive better results.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing in which marketers earn a commission for all the sales that have been through them either by product promotion, link sharing, etc. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and it's one of the most successful ways of making passive income over the internet.

There are various affiliate networks that offer good commissions rates, Some of the popular ones are Amazon affiliates, Shareasale, Clickbank, etc., You can sign up for affiliate programs on any of these networks and can promote their products on your Facebook page or group. Facebook pages have an option for setting up a Shop Section in the sidebar. You can list the items there and earn a commission for each sale made through your page.

You can also use Facebook advertising to market your affiliate products to the right audience but before you do that you need to make sure you are able to cover all your expenses and make a reliable profit.

9. Selling your own services

You can offer your own services to audiences on Facebook. There are lots of people who are continuously looking for someone to help them. You can offer them your services and get paid for in return. There are various services specific groups on Facebook where people come looking for services like Content Writing, Graphic Designing, SEO, Social Media Management and many similar others. You can become a member of some of these groups and offer your services to the people in need. This is one of the easiest ways to make money on Facebook and lots and lots of people are already making use of this opportunity.

10. Promoting other Groups, Pages or Brands

If you have a large number of page followers or group members in a group you're an admin of, you can promote other groups, pages or brands in exchange for money. There are many groups on Facebook that already have an announcement on their group feed with the prices, for those looking for such services.

There are many groups who even charge for post approvals and people pay them happily for it. This may actually not be easy for people just starting out, I want to show you what's possible.


Overall, there are endless opportunities on Facebook for anyone and everyone, you just need to discover what fits you. In the end, I would suggest you make use of the resources available on the web and start learning about them. If you have any suggestions or need some more guidance, you can ask me in the comments below.

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