The 10 Powerful AI Based Tools Handpicked From All Around the Web

—   Aryan K on Jan 20, 2022
Last Modified : Dec 06, 2022


Inpainting is the NVIDIA powered AI image editor is just another amazing tool from nvidia that generates photorealistic output when you draw or paint over the image with the smart retouching brush. You can hide any portion of the image just by drawing over it. Take a look at the image below. I just painted Einsiten's tongue and it came up with following makeover. 


Autodraw is an AI based tool that can predict what you are trying to draw and give you similar picture suggestions to choose form. Once you click on the suggested image it is drawn right into the drawing area. It is simple and easy to use with added feature to download or save images on the cloud. Here's what I tried to draw.

Quick Draw

Quick Draw from google is an AI powered tool designed to learn and improve itself for better recognition of hand drawn images. when you start drawing on the canvas, it guesses what you are trying to draw and provides vocal suggestions in realtime.


Lyrebird is another AI based web app that can clone your voice and can produce exactly similar voice output as you, when you start, it gives you sentences to read aloud and it records your response then after processing and analyzing your voice it can make yourself speak anything you have never said before.

Maze Generator

The maze generator is a simple web based tool that can create mazes of any given shape dimensions or styles. There are many provided options you can customize to get your desired maze. It is fun and easy also has facility to limit print paper sizes. Check out for more info.

How-Old is another AI based tool from microsoft that can guess your age by analyzing your uploaded photo. It is a fun popular app and have been used by many users so far. Give it a try.

Radio Garden

Listen to any radio service around the world with Radio Garden in just one click on the map. Radio garden is a powerful web app with which you can listen to any radio around the world by choosing a "seed" over the world map. It is fast, free and easy to use. Try out now. 

The Internet Map

Internet map as the name suggests is a geo-mapped data of websites on the internet. The website's addresses are displayed in bubbles the size of which corresponds to popularity of the website. Its a powerful tool to visualize websites in any given region. 

Colorize B/W Photos

Algorithmia AI tool can colorize your b/w photos instantly. You can upload your own photos or use one from the examples. The results are very realisitc. Check it out. 


Flight radar is a live flight tracker app that provides realtime visual data of planes on a map. You can search for flights or get details of any flights anywhere in the world just by clicking on the tiny little plane icon. It has lots of filter and sorting options too. Check it out. 

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