How to Find a Great Domain Name for Your Website

—   Aryan K on Jan 20, 2022
Last Modified : Feb 05, 2023

A good name is where it all starts, it reflects your brand and most importantly adds value to your presence on the web, but finding a good domain name is not an easy thing, it's like finding a needle in a haystack of needles ...unless there's some help.

There is a shortage of quality domain names because domain names are business and few companies, individuals and domain registrars capture and pre-register quality domain names to sell it to their customers later for higher prices than usual.

Few registrars use name quality-checking filters to capture good domains based on organic search queries and once they find it compliant, they just capture it right away displaying you higher prices for the same in realtime. That means even if you found a perfect domain name of your choice, you should register it as soon as possible.

How to find good domain names

There are many ways to find good domain names and in this post, you'll learn a few of the most popular techniques in use today.

1. Buy a good domain name

That's pretty straight forward, but it's the easiest way to get the name of your choice. Almost all domain registrars sell good quality names for higher prices for what they call the premium domains.

Also, there are websites that buy and sell domains online, a list of which is given below.

These are a just a handful of domain marketplaces. You can look through google for more like these.

2. Look through the expired list of domains

You may think good domains do not expire but that's miles away from the truth, you will find more of a quality domain from the expired list than randomly looking for one on Godaddy.

Here a list of few websites that keep track of expired domains for users, good ones are picked fast bust still worth looking.

3. Using name generators

This is one of the best methods for finding great domain names but you'd need to work for that because these generators do not give you what you want right away. You need to tweak your queries and keep trying until you're satisfied with what you get.

Here's a list of popular name generators that check for domain availability in realtime in addition to generating cool names.


Namemesh is a popular domain name generator, it is simple, easy to use, really fast and lists quality domain names based on your input query. You can register these domains with any provider you want. When you scroll down, it keeps generating and searching for available domains. Namemesh doesn't seem available anymore, it has down been for months now. Please do not consider this option.

3.2 LeanDomainSearch

LeanDomainSearch is another powerful name generator with many advanced features, it lets you sort the domains alphabetically, based on popularity and length. It generates a huge list of domain names and also verifies the availability of those very quickly. It's popular and easy to use.

3.3 Bustaname

Bustaname is an old website but still useful for generating names. It also has many filters and sorting methods. It's also one of the popular generators and has a unique filter to sort natural or not so natural names.

3.4 Nameboy

Nameboy is another simple name generator that's worth a try, it is old but simple and intuitive to use has been used popularly for a long time.

3.5 Namestall

Namestall is another popular name generator that supports dictionary words, it has many powerful filters that make it very easy to target your keyword, Some of it includes category like: popular domain names, parts of speech, concepts, entertainment, science and tech etc.

3.6 Panabee

Panabee is another popular and simple name generator that lists thousands of dictionary domains at once.


The Impossiblity is another simple generator that prefixes or suffixes dictionary words onto your search term and creates new creative names that good.

3.8 DomainWheel

DomainWheel is another simple and easy name generator that creates quality names based on the input query, it has been around for a while and it's suggestions are quite good.

So, that's all the list of name generators that I find helpful and worth the effort. There are many others you can look for on google.

Are there other ways too?

These are few simple techniques to get a domain name you want, these techniques have always worked for me especially the generators.

I do not know of any other legit ways that are easier than one mentioned above. If you know of please suggest to me and others in the comments below.

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