5 Powerful Android Apps to Easily Transfer Files Between Your Phone & PC

—   Aryan K on Jan 20, 2022
Last Modified : Dec 06, 2023

Often times, you may have faced difficulty exchanging files from your PC to a smartphone or vice versa. Sometimes either the cable doesn't work or the computer does not support it sincerely wasting our valuable time. This problem is somewhat older now and still hasn't been addressed so far.

There are a number of apps in the Google play store to help you out from the situation and you will discover some of them in this post right now. These apps use the wi-fi to exchange the data thus ease up the burden of carrying a cable with you always.

Please also note that these apps require your computer to be on the same wi-fi network as your smartphone. Or, you can turn on your mobile hotspot internet sharing feature (even without the internet) and connect your PC or a laptop through it. Once it's done you can now use these apps below.

ES File Manager | File Explorer

ES File Manage r is one of the oldest, most feature-rich, popular and a complete file system manager for android. The app has various many features including application management and other operations. One of the special features that it has is a built-in FTP Server. You can use this FTP server to exchange files to and from your computer.

  1. Turn on your mobile hotspot
  2. Connect your PC to the mobile hotspot
  3. Open ES File Manager
  4. Pick "Transfer to PC" option
  5. The FTP server starts at the address shown
  6. Open "This PC" and type the displayed address
File manager app preview

Sweech - Wifi File Transfer

Sweech is another very powerful app that specifically been built to exchange files between your computer and smartphone. It's a very light-weight application but does its job really well. The app has a very simple UI with its own built-in web server with well-organized files and navigation systems.

The UI is somewhat similar to that of the native Android file manager and it is easier to navigate and look for files. The app URL can only be accessed through a web browser and that too only when connected to the same wifi network.

The app is fairly simple and has few configuration options as you can see in the picture above. You can change the access HTTP port, enable HTTPS, or password protect the access, etc.. The app also lets you upload files directly from your computer through the web interface, you will have to give write permissions to the app for this purpose.

Sweech Web Interface

Another cool feature about this app is that it lets you browse all the installed apps and games and download each as an APK file. You can keep a backup of all your applications.

File Manager

Filemanager from ASUSTek is another popular full-fledged file manager for android with a great number of features. The app has a trivial interface but does its job pretty well. There are features like storage analyzer, recycle bin, hidden cabinet and all those things but the primary feature for what it's listed here is, the "PC File Transfer". This option when enabled lets you access all the files and folders through a web browser on a computer, over the wi-fi.

The app has its own built-in web-server, which is not an FTP, again. You will need to use only the web interface to access, download or upload all the files. The thing is the web interface of this app is very fast and works super smooth. Navigation is similar to that of a native file manager.

File manager app screenshot
File Manager Screenshot

Wifi File Transfer

Wifi File Transfer by smarterDroid is another very light-weight but amazingly powerful app that lets you browse and access all your files and folders on your computer. The web interface is loaded with a range of wonderful features. You can create, download, upload, copy or move files and even zip them on the fly.

The app has a trivial user interface though very friendly, the web portal is fully loaded and well laid-out. It shows all the basic details, like remaining space, etc. and a section of similar files like images, media, audio and more.

Wifi File Transfer

This app also has various configuration options for changing ports, making HTTPs connections, adding access passwords, etc. which you can access in the settings panel. Please note that the web-interface by this app has google-analytics code for anonymous usage tracking, which you can disable if you want to from the settings.

Easy Share: WiFi File Transfer

Easy Share is another light-weight simple app to transfer files. The app uses wifi to transfer files between smartphones and even computers. The app has a simple interface with all common file-manager features. The FTP feature lets you access files over FTP, no web-interface interface is available.

  • First of all, open the app and visit the FTP section and start the FTP Server
  • Once enabled open the displayed IP and port either in a web browser or an address bar in your computer's native file manager.
  • You can now access the files simply as you do on a computer
Easy share file manager

You can use this app to send files between android phones also, it's simple and easy to use. Both the sender and receiver must have this same app installed and open.

Wrapping Up

There are many other applications in the play store for transferring files between smartphones and PCs. Most of them are heavily loaded with other unusable features as well. These few apps were picked based on their popularity, user reviews and ease of use. If you have any suggestions, ideas or improvements, please comment below and let us know.

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