HTML Entities (Encoder/Decoder)

Use the tool to encode or decode HTML Entities


What are HTML Entities?

HTML Entitites are those reserved words or symbols that have special meaning assigned to them. The browser interprets them as part of the HTML syntax than normal text. As you know that HTML uses tags to instruct browsers on how to parse an html document, it becomes difficult in case you want to display a "tag" or an entire html code as text on a web page.

This is why we need to encode these HTML Entities, so that the browser parses them but treat them as normal text. Now, in order to display the HTML Syntax and related text, these sytnaxes have been assigned another special words for eg. the "&" character has the entities code of "&".

The thing is no one remembers what characters are displayed with what code and so this tool will help you with that. You can paste in any HTML code and it will encode all HTML Entities for you. You can then copy it and paste in an HTML document, the browser will treat them as normal text.