Top 13 Websites to Free Download Images for Commercial Use

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There are a lot of websites that provide great quality images for commercial use which are absolutely free to use and do not require any attribution or commitment of any sort. Here’s a list of thirteen such websites that offer great quality images for any commercial or non-commercial application. Please note that these websites listed … Read more

The Handpicked Collection of Helpful CSS Component Libraries

Bttn.css Bttn.css is a collection of most stylish css button with animated visual feedback. You can adjust the colors, sizes and width of the buttons and pretty easily. Just include the library and add necessary classes to get the desired style.  CSSPin CSSPin is a collection of beautiful and creative pure css spinners or loaders. … Read more

Top 15 CSS Animation Libraries You Should Check Out

css animation libraries is a lightweight but feature rich animation library for css. It has large number of prebuilt basic animations with support for text animations as well. The library is easy to use and takes the pain out of css animations. You just need to include the library and use predefined animation classes on elements … Read more

The 10 Powerful AI Based Tools Handpicked From All Around the Web

Inpainting The NVIDIA powered AI image editor is just another amazing tool from nvidia that generates photorealistic output when you draw or paint over the image with the smart retouching brush. You can hide any portion of the image just by drawing over it. Take a look at the image below. I just painted Einsiten’s … Read more

Top 10 Mozilla Firefox Plugins for Privacy Concerned Users


These are some useful firefox security extensions which helps you take control of your security. Facebook Container The Facebook Container is very popular and useful extension that isolates facebook in its own session container and prevents unncecessary tracking. Once installed it then automatically loads facebook in its own container.  HTTPS Everywhere This is another popular … Read more

15 Ways to Keep Your PC Fresh and Fast for a Productive Workflow

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A slow computer system directly impacts our everyday work specially when you make a living out of. Most users might have experienced the frustation and anxiety as it really slows down your progress, productivity and life. In order to be efficient and productive you need to be a smart user and also your tools must … Read more