10 Simple Tips To Keep Your WordPress Secure

Wordpress Security Tips

A significant portion of the web is powered by WordPress and it’s an open-source application written in an open-source programming language for the web, the PHP. The thing is any open-source software can be looked inside to see what’s going on within. An expert with wrong intentions or a hacker may take advantage of it. … Read more

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Developers & Designers


Firefox is my browser of choice at least for development purposes. There are many reasons for that, one is that Firefox offers a Firefox Developer version that’s tailored for developers like you and me. Folks at Mozilla have explained it better here https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/ The Firefox add-ons store is rich. There’s range of useful plugins and … Read more

How To Use TeamViewer Remote Control Over LAN

Teamviewer on LAN

TeamViewer is a powerful and popular remote desktop application for windows that allows you to control remote computers as you’re sitting next to them. It also works on smartphones and lets you control your PC from a smartphone or vice-versa. TeamViewer also has an inbuilt file transfer feature that lets you connect to a computer … Read more

How to Monitor Your Internet Speed in Realtime in Windows 10

Internet Speed Monitoring Banner

It is always smart and helpful to keep an eye on the internet speed or bandwidth in realtime so that you can know if any application on your computer is making heavy usage of your internet bandwidth in the background especially when you’re on limited internet plan and want to save some unnecessary bandwidth usage. … Read more