Top 10 Image Capture Download & Manipulation Extensions for Chrome

—   Aryan K on Jan 20, 2022
Last Modified : Sep 24, 2023

The Chrome web store is a big extension repository for the Google Chrome browser. Lots of plugins and extensions are added to it every day. There are many useful gems in there that will make your life easier.

In this post, you will learn about some of the very useful chrome extensions for capturing, downloading and manipulating images in the browser itself. I have been using these extensions for quite some time now and there haven't been any problems so far and thus wanted to share them with you.

These extensions are very helpful specifically for social media experts, online marketers and people in the related fields. Also, they have their own policies and usage instructions which you are kindly advised to take a look before installing and using them.

#1 DownAlbum

DownAlbum lets you download images from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Albums. It is not just an ordinary image downloader, it will download each and every image there is in the original quality from any Facebook page or profile. I have downloaded more than 20,000 pictures at once from a Facebook page alone and all images were in the original quality as they were uploaded.

Downalbum Extension Page

#2 Image Downloader

Image Downloader is another powerful image downloader tool that helps you download images in bulk from any webpage. When you click the extension icon, it lets you see all the images it can find on a web page and you can then manually pick the one you want to save. You can also select all the images, filter them based on URLs, regex patterns, etc. You can also specify a minimum or maximum range for allowed image dimensions with a simple slider within the extension popup.

Image Downloader Extension Screenshot

#3 Download All Images

Download All Images is another downloader on the list with really unique features. It can generally download images from anywhere, but best suited for images from google search according to me. The best thing about this extension is that it can download lazy-loaded images and it follows the link to the original image. Once complete it downloads all the images in a single zip file.

#4 Capture to a GIF

Capture to a GIF is another useful chrome extension that lets you capture any motion content to a GIF image. You can record your activity on a page or any other content like a video or something for a short demonstration. It is very simple and easy to use GIF creation tool. You can create a GIF simply by clicking the extension and then selecting the area you want to capture. The GIF is then ready to use within seconds. One of the few drawbacks is that the captured GIF is not very high in quality.

#5 Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture, as the name suggests lets you capture your entire browser window viewport as a single image file. The captured image is high in quality as the rendered page in the browser itself. Another good thing is that this extension does not let sticky headers appear randomly over the images. You can generate a screenshot just by clicking the extension. The generated image then opens in a new window which can then be saved easily.

Full Page Screen Capture

#6 Image to PDF

Image to PDF is another extension in the list which lets you create PDFs from images from the web or your PC. It offers various PDF formats with multiple page layouts. The image can be sorted easily based on their size or types. The conversion is done on the client-side, it means your images are not transferred to a translation server and thus is very fast. You can capture and store multiple images in PDF file format. The extension can also optimize the generated PDFs file size based on view type selected.

#7 Pablo

Pablo is another very powerful extension that lets you generate engaging social media posts full of images and texts to share on any popular social media sites right from your browser. You can create images in a variety of sizes and formats, with a number of free images already available from Unsplash and other free image sources. You can also upload your own images and create a post that's well suited for social share and all that for free. It's a very useful tool with lots of in-built features which I leave your for you to explore.

#8 Photo Editor Picditor

Photo Editor Picditor is another extension on the list. It lets you edit photos, add super cool effects and enhance them colorful as an artist's palette. It allows you to easily fix bad lighting, noise, colors, brightness, contrast, etc. You can also add text overlays and frames easily. Overall It's a wonderful tool for everyday requirements. Also, you can access this editor online at, the extension is just a wrapper around this online tool.

#9 One-Click Reverse Image Search

One-Click Reverse Image Search helps you look for identical or similar images as the source, anywhere else on the entire web. It's a simple extension, which searches through all the popular search engines and websites that have the reverse image search features available. Once installed, you can right-click over an image and press "Search with this image" option to simultaneously search for images across the web.

#10 Photo Zoom for Facebook

Photo Zoom for Facebook is another image extension in the list. It's a very popular extension in the store and when installed it allows a user to view zoomed up images on Facebook profiles and albums. The extension is only usable on Facebook for viewing images, it fetches the actual image and displays the larger version. It's simple and easy to use, just hover over an image for a few seconds and it will zoom up. There are other features that I expect you'll uncover yourself.

Final Words

Chrome store has many useful extensions, these were just a few extensions, I have been using. There can already be similar extensions with more advanced features than the ones listed here. Please let us all know in the comments below. Any suggestions or feedback is very welcome.

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