How To Find The Total Number of Pages on a Website?

There are many reasons why you might want to count the number of pages on a website. Maybe just to get an idea of the total page count or keep an eye on the competitor. In case you are the owner of the website, you have many options, for example, you can look directly on your dashboard or Google Search Console but what if you want to count pages on websites you do not own. There are ways too.

In this post, I would share with you exactly four ways you can know the total number of pages or blog posts on any website. You can combine these methods for more accurate results.

Using Google Search

Google Search is a powerful tool to look for information around the web. You can also look for information on any specific website with specially framed search queries. You can use the site: search query to find pages on a website. For eg. will reveal all pages on this website.

Count pages on a website using Google

Please note this technique will only give you a rough idea of the total page count as it only lists the pages which have already been indexed.

Using pagination links

Pagination links are one of the easiest ways to find the total number of pages on a website. These links are links to a sequence of connected pages or posts and help you browse the list of published content on a website. You can use the pagination link to get an idea of how many posts or pages are there on a website.

Pagination link screenshot

When you first visit a website, check to see if there’s a pagination link, something as shown above. Now, count the number of published posts on the first page. Suppose there are 10 posts per page, now keep navigating until the end of the pagination. Once done just multiply the number of posts per page to the length of pagination links. You get the total number of published posts or article pages on a website.

Some websites have complex navigational structures with the same posts appearing within different categories and so it may not be easy to find the actual page count. In that case use the following methods.

Using Sitemap

A sitemap is an index of all the unique pages on a website. These files are used to give search engines and (in some cases) users an idea of how many pages or links there are on a specific website. These files are generally in XML format and can be accessed and read by anyone who wishes to read them.

To access a sitemap of a website, head over to the website footer and find the link to the XML sitemap or just prefix the primary domain with /sitemap.xml or /sitemap or /post_sitemap.xml. Please note that not all websites have sitemaps and some have it on different paths than usual.

XML Sitemap Screenshot

Some sitemaps indicate the number of available links but in most cases you’ll manually have to count the links on the sitemap. It is not easy to count URLs within a sitemap file and hence I would recommend using a sitemap parser or extractor. You can use this sitemap extractor. It will count all the URLs in a sitemap and let you know the number of pages on a website.

Using Sitemap Generators & Link Checkers

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you, this is the final one. There are many sitemap generators and link checkers online that crawl a website and display a list of available unique pages. You can use these services to find out the number of pages on a website.

There are many such services out there and you can find many of them easily with a google search. Once you find them enter the website you want to look into and then give the tool few minutes to crawl the website. Once complete you’ll find out the total page count.

Here are few tools you may use, XML Sitemap Generator, Broken Link Checker. Use them and you’ll surely find out the total page count.

Final Words

Most websites these days have a sitemap file that you can directly look into for total URLs count. These sitemaps are usually located in the footer section or generally in the “robots.txt” file. If you cannot find it, make a site search with the sitemap keyword on google.

If you know of any other ways to find total pages on a website, please let us know in the comments below. Any other suggestions or ideas are also welcome.

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