How to Automatically Change Your Desktops Wallpaper Everyday

I like to change my desktop’s wallpapers every day because every new picture on my desktop makes my day more thrilling and adventurous. It also refreshes my mood from time to time whenever I take a look at it and I can assure it’s some kind of psychological feature that also enhances productivity.

Finding new wallpapers and changing them manually every day is a time-consuming and tedious task. Instead what we can do is automate this with some useful tools and tricks available for free. In this post here, I have listed those useful programs that I have used myself for this same purpose.

Please also note that I am a Windows user and have listed programs that may or may not be available for other operating systems.

Splash! – Unsplash Wallpaper

This is an app for windows that is available through the Windows app store and it’s a good enough choice for automatically refreshing the wallpapers every day. You can set it to update the lock screen picture or the desktop wallpaper. The images are pulled from the Unsplash high-quality images repository. This a simple app with straight features and does the job perfectly.

Bing Desktop

Bing Desktop is another free application developed by Microsoft that can automate refreshing your wallpapers every day, it primarily pulls the wallpaper from the Bing Gallery every day but also has configurable options to change the source. This is a simple program and has many other useful features like the ability to search through Bing search engine, etc.,

If you’re using older versions of Windows like Windows 8, 8.1, etc. This tool will be very helpful for this purpose.

Dynamic Theme

Dynamic Theme is another wonderful app with lots of features and customization ability. It feels like the native windows personalization app with more advanced features. Some of the features like synching the same wallpaper over networked computers are very useful.

This app lets you use images from Bing Gallery, Windows Spotlight and photos from your PC. You can enable the slideshow option and set a specified duration to update the wallpaper automatically. You can download this app from the Windows Store.

Spot Bright

SpotBright is another useful app for refreshing wallpapers every day but the free version of the app has very limited features. The best thing about this app is that the images it offers are the best in quality, specifically handpicked to be used as wallpapers.

The free version of the app does not let you automate the wallpapers but lets you download the high-quality images from its store to your PC. You can then use the native windows personalization app to set a slideshow of 24 Hours to automate the wallpapers.


Concluding Remarks

There are many other apps on the web for this same purpose, I shared the few I am satisfied with. If you have any suggestions or feedback. You can comment below.

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