How to Automatically Change Your Desktops Wallpaper Everyday

—   Aryan K on Jan 21, 2022
Last Modified : Feb 22, 2024

I want a new picture on my desktop every day because it fills me with hope and excitement for a something new. It also breaks my monotonous cycle of daily routine with something different everyday. Adding to that it refreshes my mood as well from time to time and obviously there somekind of psychology to it as I feel it enhances my productivity as well.

Finding new wallpapers and putting them manually on your screen every day is kind of being hard on yourself. Why not we automate this with some useful tools and techniques out there for good. This post will talk about this in detail, I have listed those useful programs that I have been using myself for a long time.

Splash! - Unsplash Wallpaper

Splash! - Unsplash Wallpaper is an app for Windows that is available through the Windows app store. It brings and sets new wallpaper to your PC everyday or whatever frequency you choose. The images are pulled from the Unsplash high-quality images repository. This a simple app with straight features and does the job perfectly.

Splash Screenshot

Bing Wallpaper

Bing Wallpaper is a simple utility that fetches awesome daily bing wallpapers and sets it on your screen. The utility is lightweight, sits all the time in your system tray and refreshes your screen with a new wallpaper. You can choose to Enable Daily Refresh and forget about it, rest is all up the cute and tiny little app. It pulls the wallpaper from the Bing Gallery every day.

You can download the app through the link above and install it. Once reasdy you can access the application from the start menu, make some configuration to suit your needs and that's all.

Dynamic Theme

Dynamic Theme is another wonderful app with lots of features and customization ability. It feels like the native windows personalization app with more advanced features. Some of the features like synching the same wallpaper over networked computers are very useful.

This app lets you use images from Bing Gallery, Windows Spotlight and photos from your PC. You can enable the slideshow option and set a specified duration to update the wallpaper automatically. You can download this app from the Windows Store.

Spot Bright

SpotBright is another useful app for refreshing wallpapers every day but the free version of the app has very limited features. The best thing about this app is that the images it offers are the best in quality, specifically handpicked to be used as wallpapers.

The free version of the app does not let you automate the wallpapers but lets you download the high-quality images from its store to your PC. You can then use the native windows personalization app to set a slideshow of 24 Hours to automate the wallpapers.

Concluding Remarks

Well, that's it for daily refreshing wallpapers. There are so many other apps on the web for this purpose. I shared the one which I have been using or have used in the past. If you know of other such cool simple apps, let us know in the comments below.

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